Click here to download the waymarked routes and full historical notes.

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Our five waymarked routes are now complete and offer a fantastic opportunity to explore Marsden and the upper Colne Valley.

Extensive work has been carried out to make these routes as enjoyable as possible and  images of some of the paths before and after the improvements can be seen below.

The printed guide will be available very soon at information points and other venues. Or click here to download the routes and full historical notes.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Marsden History Group for researching and producing the historical notes that accompany these walks and to the Cuckoos Nest Charity Shop for funding the production of the printed walk leaflets. We would also like to thank Andrew Gardner and the Kirklees Public Rights Of Way Unit for tireless dedication throughout.

Visit the Marsden History Group website to find out more...

Or click here for more details about the Cuckoos Nest Charity Shop

Download the waymarked routes leaflets and full historical notes here

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Pathway Improvements in Marsden and the Upper Colne Valley

 Here is a small selection of some of the pathway improvements that have been completed so far. This work has been made possible with help from the Valleys Area Committee, The South Pennines Leader Fund, Kirklees Countryside Unit and PLACE.

Crow Hill Path Before

Crow Hill Path After

Bluebell Path Before

Bluebell Path After

Piper Holes Path Before

Piper Holes Path After

Intake Head Path Before

Intake Head Path After

Our work to promote Marsden as an outstanding walking location is continuing with plans for new signage to show locations and distances, way markers to make following our new routes easier and more enjoyable and improvements to gates and stiles.

Click here to download the waymarked routes leaflets and full historical notes

Last updated  March 2013 

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