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Welcome to Marsden Walkers are Welcome.

Marsden in the South Pennines. A great place to walk, a lovely place to be.

Walkers are Welcome towns and villages are places that have something special to offer walkers.

With more than 100 Walkers are Welcome towns and villages across Britain this innovative and new community-led scheme, will demonstrate their commitment to making your visit an enjoyable one.

For more information visit the National Walkers are Welcome website or use the links above.

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this is the logo for the countryside code and says Respect, protect and enjoy. Clicking on iy will take you to the natural england website for further information on the countryside code and other informationA banner telling visitors to use the country code. Take litter home, close gates behind them and kep dogs under close control. Click on the banner to visit natural englands web siteAn image of moorland hills and sky. Use this link to visit the website for the moorland visitors code

a button that links to the waymarked routes and historical notes download pageclick here to see what walks are on in and around Marsden in December
This button will take you to our events and activities pageThis button will take you to a list of local accommodation providers
the Stanza stone Trail which starts in Marsdenclick here to report a problem on a public right of way in and around Marsden
Find out about theTunnel End Nature Trail and Accessible RouteA button link to find out about all our latest news

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Why not visit Marsdens own local weather station for the latest forecast

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